Bottomless Abyss


This piece is a duet for trumpet and timpani.



This piece is a duet for trumpet and timpani. Both players also use opera gongs and crotales during the piece. This work started from my experimenting with timpani in an unconventional, soloistic way. This led to adding an opera gong and crotales to the percussion set up, as well as some frequent tuning changes on timpani. In order for the trumpet to match this style of playing also, I added several ad lib sections and asked the trumpet to play crotales at the end of the piece. The challenge for myself in the additive meter section on page 3 was to create a style of notation to best fit a seemingly endless adding of time with a continuous crescendo. I chose “pyramid” style notation because I felt this aided both players’ ears and eyes during performance.  Copyright 2016 Brandon Carson. All Rights Reserved.